An Industry Focused on Growth

When is it right time to own a Franchise Early Education School? 

Surprise…The right time is right now, and for the foreseeable future! According to the latest census estimates, 62 percent of families in America have two parents employed, which means there is a continual and increasing demand for child care providers. In 2019, it is estimated that 12.5 children aged 4 or younger are in child care programs, accounting for a $57 Billion dollar industry in 2019 alone.

Long gone are the days of a traditional daycare to merely care for children while parents are at work. They increasingly understand the value of quality education starting right from the earliest years in a child’s development.

As a leader in early child education, Creative World Schools offer you the unique ability to not only own a successful franchise business, but to provide a greatly needed service to your local community.


Benefits of the Child Education Industry  

Financially Strong to Weather Economic Ups and Downs
When it comes to family income, there are wants and there are needs. Child Education for a family is considered a need, therefore during economic slowdowns your business is mostly shielded from the effects.

Family Focused All the Way with Work / Life Balance
Our schools are not open 24/7, like many other franchise opportunities, which allow you more time to spend with your own family, enjoy vacations, hobbies, and contribute to your community. You have the flexibility to set your own schedule and trust on a professional staff too manage your school while you are away.

A Positive Impact in Your Community through your Services and Giving Back Opportunities

Our schools are considered an asset to the communities in which we serve, not only through the services we provide, but through initiatives to give back to those in need. Throughout the year we encourage our franchisees to participate in community events, fundraisers and awareness campaigns through our CW Cares initiatives.  

Why Franchise with Creative World School?

Because You Will Never Be Alone

You may be exploring other franchise options in the child education industry or perhaps the possibility of owning an independent school. With nearly 50 years of child education experience behind us, you have the backing support to run a successful school.

Every Day will be an Exciting Adventure!

Parents and children love to interact with our owners, so get ready to see smiling faces, hear the laughs and giggles, and listen to a preschoolers  story of how they just learned to do something new and amazing! Every day, our world is full of new and exciting discoveries and so will yours!

Have you ever had an office like that?

If You Have No Experience It’s No Problem!
A majority of our franchise owners did not have previous education experience and they’re doing great! With our franchise system model, you’ll be trained through our extensive system to manage all aspects of your business. We provide full support from site selection to a grand opening, and the services don’t stop there! You will have a dedicated support coach, opportunities to attend live training throughout the year, and a invitation to attend our annual conference where we train you and your staff with the latest in education research. Other brands may build you a school and hand you the keys, but with Creative World School, we are right along in the car with you for the journey to success!

A Proprietary Curriculum Backed by the Latest Research and National Accreditation

The basis for our education approach is that children have an unlimited potential for learning, and are eager to explore and discover the world around them. We believe that rich content is the foundation for their learning, and by encouraging their curiosity it will enable them to be lifelong learner and adapt to the wide variety of teaching styles they will experience as they grow older.

To drive their educational experiences, our classrooms use an Inquiry Curriculum which allows for creativity and flexibility in what our teachers present to their students. It is focused around what we call the Three E’s: Education, Exploration, and Enrichment. This is part of our Foundations For Excellence™ program and brings learning way beyond “just the basics” of a traditional early child education school. 

As the best daycare franchise provider of early childhood education for nearly 50 years, we understand that the world is changing and children need to be prepared for a future that is evolving. With that, our complete curriculum surpasses school readiness expectations to prepare our future Google Execs, Scientists, Presidents, and Creative-Outside-the-Box Thinkers…the sky’s the limit!