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Our Story Began in 1970:

Trust in the leading early childhood education franchise brand  

Our founders, Billie and Duane McCabe opened their first school in Independence, Missouri in 1970. Their unique vision was quickly embraced as they expanded and operated up to 45 childcare centers in seven states.

Fast-forward nearly 50 years to today and the Creative World School tradition has bridged generations as their daughters became part of the company success and led a transition from corporate owned schools to an incredible franchise brand. Their youngest daughter, Dr. Marianne Whitehouse, leads the corporate team as CEO with the unique experience of being raised in the Creative World School system, along with a Ph.D. in Early Childhood education.

Schools that are the right size for little learners, and the right size for you!  

During the past ten years, most of the original corporate owned schools have been sold to focus on franchise expansion efforts. There are currently 25 Creative World Schools in 5 states and efforts are in place for continued franchise expansion at a strategic pace. This means that unlike another daycare franchise who may add 20, 30, or more schools in a single year, our methodical growth ensures each of our new child education schools are located in the ideal spot for your success and comes with the full support of our corporate team through each step. You are not just a number with Creative World School Franchising, you are a member of our family!

Benefit from our unique vision for early child education

When you own and operate as many schools as we have for the past 50 years, you learn a thing or two, or a hundred! We believe that a child’s environment plays an essential component in their learning. This belief led us to create something that you won’t find in any other daycare franchise opportunity. Meet our Exploratorium™: a unique central atrium within each of our schools. Each day, children are invited into this World of Wonder where discovery and imagination is the focus of their learning adventure! 

This dynamic and interactive space is the foundation for our curriculum and the centerpiece of our building. Our Exploratorium™ Program recognizes the uniqueness of childhood and the special qualities that children possess as they experiment and explore their world. Today’s children are measured not merely by academic skills, but by their ability to interpret, interact, and adapt to an ever changing future. Drawing on the concepts of Multiple Intelligences Theory, we give children opportunities to enhance and express every dimension of their intelligence by integrating traditional types of learning with hands-on learning. We believe our Exploratorium™ prepares children in a unique way by giving them the tools they will need to become active participants in their own education.

Built into every school, every teacher, every day:
Our CW Culture

 Throughout everything we do, our strong Creative World School culture is embedded based on the following values:


Spark Your Creativity
Think beyond the box. Have the courage & vision to imagine…


See the Wonder
Look for the “AHA” moments. Be curious!


Giggle & Smile
Have fun! Share your joy & excitement!


Make Learning Your Heartbeat
Discover & embrace the questions that make you ponder!


Be the Difference
Be inspired & inspire others. Work together & give back!


Do Your Best
Set the bar high. Act with excellence & integrity!


Dream Big
Be bold and innovate. Celebrate the tickle in your brain!