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We can’t help but brag just a little…Creative World School Owners are awesome people. Without fail, they are entrepreneurially minded but with a vision and passion for this special work! When you work with or around children, each day is a new adventure.

We got the inside scoop by talking to Creative World School Apollo Beach Owner, Charlene Wiggins, to get a sneak peek into a day in her life as a hands-on CWS Owner:

It is such a joy to see parents drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. That’s my way of connecting with them. By connecting with them, I can learn how their children are doing in the classroom and whether they’re happy!

I come in and make sure the schedule and staffing works for the day. We have a lot of foster children (which is a happy time seeing new adoptions!) and because of that our daily numbers fluctuate. I work closely with families to coordinate unique schedules.

ProCare and the CW App help immensely as we keep track of the numbers and ratios in the building throughout the day! We review and approve CW App entries throughout the day. This is a great way to oversee Lesson Plan Implementation to ensure that teachers are documenting and sharing the learning moments in the class. During naptime is a great time to review this information and check in on teachers to make sure the classrooms are running well. I love connecting with parents through this as well. For instance, we get to review the videos of our infants and get to see little ones learning to crawl and know parents are seeing that in real time as they’re at work.

Everyday, every moment, we get to cheerlead and encourage our staff. Just today we did classroom observations. We work hard to do an excellent job with brand new staff training and ongoing support. It’s important for our teachers to form good relationships with each other. New teachers spend a whole week in a classroom with another teacher, partnered up for training. That relationship carries over so that we have collaboration throughout the whole building.

I love to come in early. I don’t have to but I come in on purpose because I cherish the drop off time as parents are leaving for work. We get to reconnect after the weekend on Mondays and see pictures of their special family moments. The children are all getting settled into their classrooms for the day and we get yet another chance to remind parents that we are in this awesome partnership… working together to give each child the best experience every day!