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You’re ready to be your own boss… congrats! But where do you begin? With thousands of brands available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some simple guidelines to start you on the right path.

Ask yourself:
What is going to make me feel fulfilled and successful?
Answering that question may be harder than you think! Ready to dig deeper? Think about these…

What are my top priorities and passions in life?
Creative World School Owners feel called to invest in children and the future through education. Most of our Owners aren’t educators but come from a variety of professional backgrounds. What they have in common is the priority and passion to impact their communities and engage with families through education!

What’s my ideal day-to-day schedule?
If you place high priority on work-life balance, some industries may challenge that value. For example, think about the typical business hours of a convenience store. If the business will be open long hours each day, you may regularly be required to work or be available during those times.

Can I work where I live?
Many of us want to stay in our local communities and so have to ask: What options are available for quality early child education centers near me? Certainly, most areas will have daycare businesses in operation, but how many are advanced centers for learning like a Creative World School? When choosing our next location, we work with our franchisees to ensure the proper fit for a successful business launch.

Can I see myself as a proud owner in this industry?
What do you want your business card to say? We are proud to be surrounded by passionate franchisees who are excited and actively involved in their school on a daily basis. What industry excites you? If you said shaping the minds of our youngest learners, then you may be a great fit for the next Creative World School location!

How recession proof is this industry?
Not only do you want to choose a business that will be successful right away, but you want to ensure it remains successful for years to come. Early Childhood Education is a booming industry that continues to grow at a steady pace as many families rely on two incomes. The latest projections by the IBIS World Industry Report predict a 2.9% growth rate through 2022[1]. Creative World School locations are selected based on current populations of targeted audiences and projected growth in that area.

What skills and experiences do I need to be part of this industry?
Do you have the background knowledge and experience to be an owner of the industry you are considering? To be an owner of a Creative World School, no previous early childhood education knowledge is required. The school can be managed by a qualified center director daily, and as owner you can be part of the overall business operations. Some of our owners have previous education experience, but many come from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, computer science, marketing, and more.

What are my options in this industry?
With any industry you have the choice to be part of an established franchise or run your business as an independent brand. There are many benefits to choosing a franchise network. In the case of a Creative World School, you can feel confident in your business with a proprietary educational curriculum, a successful operation structure, continual team support, and a network of industry professionals to ensure you’re never alone in your business.

Do I have the funding needed to choose this franchise?
Every industry has different requirements when it comes to financial requirements to get your business established. Speaking to franchise models, requirements can also vary greatly based on the level of ownership you have over your business. At Creative World School, you maintain ownership of your school and your real estate. This comes with great benefits that you may not see in a leasing model.

What level of support will this franchise provide me with?
How hands-on or hands-off are you looking for when it comes to support? Some franchise models provide you with a “kit” to start and run your business, but then leave you on your own when it comes to ongoing support. Are you looking for a franchise that leaves you and your business alone, or one that will support and guide you through the process from construction to ongoing daily operations? Creative World is built on a family environment and we consider our owners members of a large collective team. Owners routinely collaborate with each other and rely on corporate support for guidance as needed.

[1] https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-trends/specialized-market-research-reports/consumer-goods-services/education-providers/early-childhood-learning-centers.html