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In the child education industry, a key component of success is maintaining enrollment levels and revenue consistently throughout the whole year. Summer can place a strain on enrollment numbers as some families will take a break from child care as they go on family vacations. Parents may also have careers with summer months off, such as those in the grade-school teaching profession, so they choose to keep their children home during those months. To help balance enrollment levels and keep the learning adventures going while grade school is on vacation, Creative World Schools have incredible summer programs in place for kids of all ages!

A focus of our summer programming is CampTastic, an awesome summer camp for school aged children. It is well documented that the “summer brain drain ” is a valid concern for parents, which is why we create camp activities that are equally fun and educational. School may be out, but at Creative World we have a blast!

Kids love our camps because they get to hang out with their friends, do cool experiments, and go on great field trips. Parents love our camps because they are a safe place for their children while school is out for the summer and provides amazing opportunities to continue the development of skills and interests.

All of our school programs are focused on inquiry-based learning and STEAM experiences: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. These are critical subject areas for learning of all ages and equip children with life skills that will continually benefit them.

The special summer programs at Creative World School are not just limited to school aged children on summer vacation! We also have great programs for younger children to prepare them for a transition to the next step in their learning journey. For preschoolers, we have our JumpStart program to get them ready for all of the educational discovery moments in our Pre-K classes. For those who recently graduated Pre-K and are heading into Kindergarten in the fall, our LaunchPad program sets them up for success by building comfort in the routines and teachings they will experience at that stage.

As an overall business model, our schools are designed to offer a complete array of educational experiences from infant to school aged children up to 12 years old. Through our proprietary curriculum we provide limitless opportunities for discovery and growth based on the personal interests of each child. Creative World believes that each child is unique and we look to celebrate that at every stage and every age of their development.

How does all of this benefit you as a franchise owner? You’ll have a continual service offering to keep children engaged at every age, excited to be at your school each day, and most importantly, enrolled as part of your school family all year, year after year! We find ourselves privileged to have several employees today who attended Creative World all throughout their childhood and loved our schools so much they came back to be a teacher! This shows the lasting power of the impact our schools make on each and every child who explores, discovers, sings, and laughs with us.