Daycare Franchise Opportunities with Creative World School

Daycare Franchise Opportunity

A Daycare Franchise Opportunity Full of Laughter and Fun

Are you looking for a great daycare franchise opportunity? Do you have what it takes to sing songs out of tune to children, or have the courage to come to work in mismatched socks? Creative World School is looking for franchisees who have a passion for educating early learners. At its core, this is a fun-filled business that involves the happiness and success of children, a parent's most precious gift. Creative World School's Daycare Franchise Opportunities are made for someone who is super passionate and enthusiastic about child safety, education, and overall early childhood development.

Creative World School is consistently growing, currently at 31 locations across Missouri, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Virginia. We are currently looking for a well-qualified franchisee that sees the beauty in our World of Wonder. When you become a daycare franchisee of Creative World School, you're getting much more than a business opportunity; you'd be gaining a family. Territories are available and our franchise team will help you find the best one. After all, we don't collect our Franchise Fee until we find a site that is best for you! Contact us today to learn more about this amazing child care franchise opportunity.

An Excellent Child Care Franchise

As a future owner of a Creative World School, it's not important for you to come from an education background, however it is crucial we find people who are passionate about early childhood education and education early learners. If you have met our daycare franchise qualifications and would love to learn more on how you can get started in the wonderful world of child care franchise opportunities, contact us today!

Our founders Billie and Duane McCabe, first opened a school in Independence, Missouri in 1970. Their profound vision quickly gained momentum as they expanded to 45 childcare centers in seven states. Creative World School tradition has bridged generations as their daughters became part of the company's success and led a transition from corporate-owned schools to an incredible daycare franchise brand. Their daughter Dr. Marianne Whitehouse now leads a talented corporate team as CEO with her unique experience of growing up in the Creative World School system, along with a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education.

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What Does It Cost to Own a Creative World Daycare Franchise Opportunity?

Our initial investment needed to own a Creative World School starts out at $75,000 franchise fee for any of our two floor plans. One of the best things about our daycare franchise is that you don't pay the initial franchise fee until we find a site for your daycare. Our daycare franchise model gives you complete ownership of the land, building, and all the fun things inside equipped with giving families and their children the best experience possible. For our standard school model, you will be required to invest a minimum of $450,000 in your school. The minimum for our larger option is $550,000. When researching childcare franchises for sale, please click here to get a breakdown of expenditures for both our 10,000 sq ft and 13,000 sq ft model.

What are the Financing Options For Your Daycare Franchise?

At Creative World, we offer top-notch daycare franchise opportunity support as we help you secure financial support. Although Creative World Schools does not directly provide financing services, our franchise team will walk you through the process of working with banks and also help you secure an SBA loan. Hand in hand, we will show you the joyous path to our World of Wonder!

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How Much Can I Make with Creative World Daycare Franchise?

For any new daycare franchise location, we are extremely selective and carefully research area competition (preschools and daycares), population projections, commuter routes, and projected growth. We want to ensure you have the best possible information as you select your school site. Our goal is to find a site that makes sense financially and personally as a franchise owner. Certainly, there are many factors that will determine exactly how much money you will make in your business, such as daycare enrollment and financial management. However, our most successful daycare franchise owners are also engaged, great leaders, and believe in our educational philosophy. Click here to get an idea on how much you could be making with Creative World Daycare Franchise!

How Can You Find and Build Your Daycare Franchise Location

So let's just say you've taken the next steps towards your very own Creative World daycare franchise opportunity, and now you need to find that perfect location for this amazing World of Wonder. Our talented daycare franchise team are experts on site requirements, in addition to using our "superpowers" in finding the right market for your Creative World Daycare.

Our superpowers include collecting the most up to date demographic data using proprietary software that allows us to have “x-ray vision” into income levels within a specified radius of your proposed location and child density within the area. We also analyze competitors around your location to help you get the big picture. Once potential locations are found and you've selected the best location for your daycare, our talented team will help secure the best location and walk you through every step of the construction process.

Constructing Your World of Wonder

Does “construction” sound a little intimidating? Not to worry! Our team will help you find a well-qualified general contractor who can meet the demands of our building specifications, in addition to assisting you with permitting, and will walk you through each step until your daycare opens.

What is the Process Overview of Starting a Daycare Franchise with Creative World?

1. Determine Financial Eligibility

Before you start your childcare franchise journey, you probably want to know if it makes Dollars & Sense. Please go over the estimated cost of daycare ownership and the potential financial returns.

2. Let's Get to Know Each Other

Get in contact with us by filling out our form or giving us a call at 800-362-5940. During our initial conversations you'll have a chance to ask questions about our daycare franchise opportunity, share your story, in addition to learning more about us.

4. The Exchange of Information

Once you decide that our daycare franchise opportunity is the right one for you, we'll send you a franchise application for you to complete and send back to us. We will then provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDD). This industry standard document will outline many details of our early childhood education franchise opportunity.

5. Tour an Existing Daycare

This is where it starts to get fun! We will setup a fun and exciting Discovery Day tour with you and your team. It's so important you love our daycares as much as we love it and you will get a chance to go behind the scenes to see how we make children smile each and everyday.

6. Site Selection Assistance

We will walk you through the process and help you retain commercial real estate expertise for your daycare franchise. We use the power of analytics and demographic data to help you find the perfect location based on population, income, and children saturation ages 0-4 within a 5 mile radius from a site. Not only that, we are fierce when it comes to competition analysis. We will help you analyze their tuition, and enrollment levels to help you determine the best possible site. In addition, we'll also help you negotiate the best price possible for the land so you can build the daycare of your dreams.

7. Get Financing for your Daycare Franchise

Once you are under contract and we've negotiated the price of the land, we will walk you through the process of applying for SBA Financing through one of our banking partner. The purchase contract is contingent upon securing financing with a commitment letter from the bank assuring you that financing is available.

8. Make Decisions on Floor Plan and Getting Permits

We have two floor plans and much of the architectual planning is already done for you! However you can make some customized decision such as brick, stucco, roofing materials and trim color. For the land, each lot will require engineering studies to see if you wil need a retaining wall, drainage plans and traffic studies. If this sounds like a lot to you, don't worry! We walk you through every step of the process and manage it together so you are never alone. Securing the permits can take anywhere from 2-3 months for approval.

9. Construction of Your Daycare Begins

We help you bid your school to 4-5 General Contractors in your area who have experience with constructing comparable buildings to your daycare franchise. We review the bids together and at the end of the day, you get to decide who builds your daycare. Once construction begins, it can take about 7 months to complete, weather permitting. During this process, we also have weekly calls with the contractor to ensure everything is on schedule.

10. Marketing Your Daycare

The arrival of your new daycare shouldn't be a secret to the community. Our marketing team starts marketing your school as soon as construction begins on social media by posting the progress as the projects starts looking like a building. A complete opening package is included including Facebook page, website page, online ads, PR, printed materials and more! As we build more excitement in the community, our Enrollment Specialist will speak to families who inquire and are excite to enroll in your daycare.

11. Hire and Train Staff

Throughout the whole process, we provide complete Owner's Training, but you will need to hire talented people to join your team. We help out with recruiting your Director in addition to training them as well. Training happens at our Corporate Headquarters for you and your leadership team. From there, we help you with recruiting the best possible teachers and support team members who are trained on-site at the daycare.

12. The Grand Opening of your Childcare Franchise

This is where it all comes to together and you realize that all the hard work has paid off. Imagine standing in front of your brand new daycare, cutting the ribbon and welcoming the whole community for a peak inside your very own World of Wonder. This beautiful moment will be captured and shared on social media as people get more excited to see what your daycare has to offer!.

13. Continuous Support

Hold on there! Just because you opened your school doesn't mean you stop receiving support! From the very first day you open your daycare, you will have a Support Coach dedicated to your success! They are there to assist you with any questions you may have. On-going training will also be available to you, your director, and your staff through our training systems! At this stage, you are family now, and our families look out for one another!

Download our Creative World School Franchise Kit