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Learn How To Start a Daycare Franchise with Creative World School

Starting a daycare franchise will allow you to make an amazing contribution to families in your community while securing your financial future as a daycare franchise owner of a Creative World School.

Parents are looking for more than just a childcare facility, they are looking for a rich educational experience for their young child. Our innovative daycare franchise offers age-appropriate education classes for infants to preschool, which provides the very best early childhood education opportunities for the development of young children. With a steady increase in demand for high-quality daycare options, now is the time to start a daycare franchise!

To help you get to know us better, we invite you to explore this website, watch our videos, and learn about the requirements to own a Creative World daycare franchise. Contact us today for more information!

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A Daycare Office Filled with Laughter & Fun

Picture yourself walking into an office - not filled with cubicles and computers, but with the buzz of children laughing and playing! Each day you will get to witness first steps, first words, and the joy of discovery! If you have a heart to help, a will to lead, and a drive to dream big, this is the life for you.

Our "Strict" Requirements:

  • Willing to play games.
  • Ready to LOL and always up for fun.
  • A curious thinker.
  • Owns a pair of silly socks.
  • Can tell a story (gestures & voices a plus).
  • Has a favorite dinosaur.
  • Bonus points for giving great hugs and/or a contagious smile.
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    Explore the Possibilities with
    The Best Daycare Franchise | Creative World School

    Get to know us and feel the unique difference that only a Creative World School can offer.

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    If The Shoe Fits...

    We truly treasure our CW Family and the culture we create with our owners. Together, we are ambassadors for Creative World and how we represent our communities and the families we serve.

    Here are a few characteristics we look for in prospective franchisees looking to join our team:

  • Looking for the next adventure in their professional career.
  • A strong leader, preferably with a business background.
  • Has a love of learning and passion for guiding the next generation.
  • Passionate about our brand, core values, and educational philosophy.
  • Excited to join a daycare franchise family and be part of a growing business.
  • Has an interest in being a leader in their community.

    Explore the Possibilities with
    the Best Daycare Franchise

    Get to know us and feel the unique difference that only a Creative World School can offer.

    You'll Love All the Ways a
    Creative World School Daycare Franchise is Unique

    We march to the beat of our own drum! No other daycare franchise offers these features designed specifically for your success!


    Tiered Royalties

    Revenues are royalty-free until you have 75 children enrolled- a feature that no other preschool franchise offers. After this point, we have a tiered system starting at 5% and capped at 7%. Our rates are sensible and allow your business to grow quickly.

    Proprietary Curriculum

    Our Cognia accredited curriculum features a unique approach to children's learning. It allows children to explore exciting monthly adventures prompting curiosity, imagination, and creativity. We focus on developing children's intellect and engage them in projects that promote problem-solving and critical thinking.



    Exclusive to Creative World School, our Exploratorium™ "wonder room" is the centerpiece of our buildings and the core to our educational philosophy. This bright and interactive space is where our Preschool and Pre-K students practice hands-on iSTEAM learning every day.

    Site First, Paperwork Later

    There is no franchise fee until we find a site for your new preschool. No other preschool franchise offers this! We assist you in finding a site and are with you throughout the entire construction process, from your purchase to your grand opening.


    We Are Family

    We’re a family-owned business and our Franchisees are family too! You won’t find a big corporation with hundreds of locations where no one knows your name. You will interact and collaborate with our Corporate Team, even our CEO!

    A Perfect Record

    Failure is not in our vocabulary! No Creative World School franchisee has ever failed and no franchisee has ever defaulted on a loan. Our entire team is focused on your success. We believe that we are successful only when our schools are successful.
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    The Wonder of Creative World,
    More Than Just a Childcare Franchise

    Our amazing buildings are not only beautiful but well-designed for children's learning. Our incredible culture shines through every teacher as they inspire our children and provide unlimited opportunities to play, discover, and grow. Everything we do is tailored to inspire young children to become the best they can be through imagination and play.

    You have several options when it comes to franchise brands in early childhood education. We encourage you to explore the landscape and when you do, we are confident it will become clear why Creative World Schools are so incredible.

    Our schools are designed to match the way children see the world. We believe in the importance of discovery moments and are passionate about the educational power of purposeful play.

    Starting with our one-of-a-kind Exploratorium™ and backed by our proprietary curriculum, we have a proven business model refined by 45+ years of experience. Parents are excited to choose our schools because they are truly special spaces for their children.