Offering the Best Support When Starting a Preschool Franchise

What makes Creative World School so unique goes beyond the amazing proprietary curriculum and our beautiful buildings. It's about our world-class preschool franchise support! We believe that the level and quality of support we give to our preschool franchisees are truly unmatched by other preschool and daycare franchises.

With Creative World School, you have the whole Corporate Team by your side to walk you through every step of the way to ensure your success. We support and treat you like family. The support you receive is so comprehensive that you don't need experience in early childhood education to be successful. Everything is thought out and planned to ensure your success every step of the way.

When you invest in your future with a Creative World School preschool franchise, we invest in you too. Our experienced team will be your guide through every step from site selection to school operations. Keep reading for an overview of the steps to franchise ownership of your early education school.

Partner on Site Selection

One of the most amazing things about our preschool franchise is that there are ZERO franchise fees until we find a site for your school. We do all the research on family and children in the area, traffic, and competitive landscape just to name a few. We work with the best proprietary software available to conduct accurate research to ensure you have the right location for your new school.

Construction Management Preschool Franchise Support

When it comes time to break ground, our team will approve blueprint specs, offer weekly support updates on construction, and walk you through permitting. After substantial completion, our Corporate Team will walk-though the school twice to make sure everything is exactly how it should be to make sure the building is as beautiful and functional as planned.

World-Class Operational Support

Our Corporate Operations Team is among the best in the early childhood education industry. We will train you on every aspect of owning and operating your new school, offering comprehensive training that includes a 2 week, 80-hour training for owners, 40-hour training for the Director, and 40-hour training for teacher/staff training prior to open. We also provide in-depth training on how to manage your finances, accounting, and bookkeeping. In addition, our team provides guidance and training on enrollment, licensing, and regulatory compliance to make sure your preschool business runs as smoothly as possible. As soon as you open your very own Creative World School, our Support Team will still be there to provide you with on-going lifetime support.

Complete Setup of Your New Preschool

After the completion of your beautiful preschool franchise building, our Corporate Setup Team will place initial orders of furniture, fixtures, and equipment unique to the Creative World School brand. In addition, we'll place orders for office equipment, educational materials such as art supplies, toys, and games. Everything you need to outfit your new preschool franchise facility. This is the step where we turn a building into a World of Wonder.

Marketing Support

The Creative World School preschool marketing support actually starts well before you break ground for your new preschool franchise. We start by building your Facebook account and start letting the community know that the greatest World of Wonder is coming soon. We do this by regularly scheduling posts and run paid Facebook campaigns to start generating interest and actual leads. Our corporate marketing team will manage and maintain your social media accounts as well as your inviting webpage before, during, and after the construction for a seamless support system unmatched by any other preschool franchise. In addition to Facebook, and a neat webpage, we also are experts in Google Ads that will connect with potential families who are in the beginning phases of looking for a preschool. Our marketing team will make sure to explore local opportunities in your area to blend the power of digital advertising with a hyper-local focus on traditional marketing.

Financing & Reporting

Our business and finance experts partner with you to align procedures, reporting, and finances with best practice in the operation of your school. We provide ongoing analysis of your school data, along with tools and resources that help you make your school a success.

Pre-Enrollment Support

There will be a generous amount of interest and buzz going on about your new preschool franchise in your community. As the owner, you'll be busy with training and working with our team to ensure the completion of your new preschool. This is why our marketing team will foster new leads for you, contact new families in your area to make sure they have all the right information to make a great decision for their child, all while maintaining communication with excited families ready to explore your World of Wonder.

Grand Opening Preschool Franchise Support

To ensure you have the proper support and smooth operations on your grand opening week, we provide you 1 week of on-site support with one of our corporate team members to assist you in your new preschool. We also provide you with on-going support with your very own business support coach who will be there for weekly calls and any projects that you may need.

Educational Team Support

We deal in the currency of curiosity! Our Education Team draws on our industry and educational expertise in adult and childhood learning to provide conferences, leadership & teacher training, proprietary classroom curriculum, and experiences in our one-of-a-kind Exploratorium™. Education gives us access to a World of Wonder every day. Our Educational Support Team will provide you with handbooks, forms, and policies and procedures specific for your state. Our team will also conduct teaching and curriculum training to ensure you have the most comprehensive teaching tools to inspire the next generation of early learners.

Resources & Collaboration

Franchise owners have the benefit of being part of a network. We encourage relationships between franchise owners in our CW Family…where you are more than just a number! Our franchise system is uniquely arranged to foster collaboration, not competition. CW Franchising provides frequent conferences and networking opportunities so we can plug in and power up!