Benefit from Our Experience to Make Your Preschool Franchise Dreams a Reality!

When you invest in your future with a Creative World School preschool franchise, we invest in you too. Our experienced team will be your guide through every step from site selection to school operations. Keep reading for an overview of the steps to franchising ownership of your early education school.

Phase 1:
Initial Discussions

Determine Your Financial Eligibility

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to review our Dollars and Sense page, we recommend starting there for an overview of estimated ownership costs and potential financial returns


Next, Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 800-362-5940. During our initial conversations, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your story, and we will learn more about each other.

An Information Exchange

We will send you a franchise application to complete and return to us, at which time we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This is an industry-standard document that will outline many details of the franchise child education school opportunity.


Phase 2: Discovery

Tour an Existing School

We will set up a fun and engaging Discovery Day Tour with you and your team. We want to make sure you love our schools as much as we do and you will have an opportunity to go behind the scenes of an existing school.

Assistance with Site Selection

We will help to retain a qualified commercial real estate broker in your area to identify potential sites for your preschool. Then we will furnish you with a demographic comparison of the sites you select including population, income, and the number of children ages 0-4 within 5 miles. In addition, we will also help to analyze your competition, their tuition, and enrollment levels to assist in your decision on the best site. We will then assist you in negotiating the best contract price for the land.

Phase 3: Planning and Construction

Securing Financing

Once your site is under contract and we know the land price, we will assist you in applying for SBA financing through one of our banking partners. The purchase contract will be contingent on satisfactory financing and you will get a commitment letter from the bank to assure you that financing is available.

Architects, Engineers, and Permits, Oh My!

Since all of our buildings are designed with our Exploratorium™ as the central focus, much of the architectural planning is already done for you. You will be able to customize your school with options such as exterior brick or stucco, roofing materials, and trim colors. For the land, each lot will require engineering studies to determine any needs for retaining walls, drainage plans, and traffic studies. Don’t worry, we work with you through all of this and help manage the process together. Finally, the required permits typically take 2-3 months for approval.

Let’s Build a School!

We help bid your school to 4-5 local General Contractors who are experienced in building comparable structures to your franchise preschool. We will review the bids together and you will decide which contractor will build your school. Construction generally takes about 7 months, weather permitting, and we have weekly conference calls with the contractor throughout the process to ensure everything is on schedule.


Phase 4: Pre-Opening

Let’s Get the Word Out

The arrival of your school shouldn’t be a secret to the local community, and our corporate marketing team will be sure to shout it from the rooftops in the months leading up to your school opening! A complete opening package is included, consisting of a website page, Facebook page, online ads, PR, printed materials, and more! As word starts to spread, our Enrollment Specialist will speak to families who inquire or are excited to enroll in your school.

Let’s Hire and Train Staff

Throughout the process we will provide you with complete Owner training, however, you will need a complete staff to help run your school! First, we start by helping to recruit, hire, and train a qualified school Director. Training starts at our Corporate Headquarters for you and your Leadership Team. From there, we add teachers and support personnel who are trained on-site at your school.

Phase 5: Open for Business

The Grand Opening

This is where your hard work pays off! Imagine standing at the doors of your beautiful new preschool, surrounded by family, friends, and your new family from Creative World School, to cut the ribbon and signal that your school is open for business! This beautiful moment will be documented and shared throughout social media to make sure every family in your community is invited to join in the vision of Creative World School.

First Day of Class and Beyond

The support you receive doesn’t end once you open the doors for families. You will have a Support Coach dedicated to your ongoing success and available to assist with any questions you may have along the way. Continual education will be available for you, your Director, and your complete staff through our state-of-the-art training systems. Also, don’t forget about our regional meetings and annual conference, all designed to help you get the most out of your preschool franchise!

A Bird's Eye View to Joining Our Family