Start a Preschool Franchise in North Carolina with Unlimited Growth Potential

Today, starting a preschool franchise in North Carolina is essential to the North Carolina economy and in other parts of the country as well. According to the latest U.S census estimates, 62 percent of families in America have two parents employed, which means there is a continual and increasing demand for child care providers. In 2019, it is estimated that 12.5 million children aged 4 or younger are in child care programs, accounting for a $57 Billion dollar industry in 2019 alone.

The foundations for the future overall well-being of a child starts with having access to quality daycares and preschools in North Carolina. It is our goal to get children on the right path within their communities by providing high quality access to early education to learn and thrive. By creating learning opportunities for children through providing quality daycare and preschools in North Carolina, we are providing them with a bright future and help them reach their potential.

The NC Early Childhood Action Plan was release on February 27th, 2019 under the direction and guidance The Governor of North Carolina laid out a progressive vision that will shape futures for children in North Carolina by 2025. Outlined in the document, includes budgets that will allow better investments to ensure North Carolina children have the opportunity to thrive.

As a leader in early childhood education, Creative World Schools offer you the unique ability to not only own a successful business but to impact the state of North Carolina as you partner with families in the education of their young children. Contact us today for more information.

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How to Open a Preschool in North Carolina On Your Own

 (hint: it’s easier as a franchise!)

- Process Overview


1. Learn The Preschool Requirements in North Carolina

Before opening a preschool in The Tar Heel State, you'll first need to learn the requirement to start a preschool franchise in North Carolina. Laws are different in every state but they are similar to daycare laws. You can find North Carolina requirements online or calling the Department of Child Welfare, Department of Health and Human Services directly. In most states, you will need to complete an application for licensing, pay the fee, and submit to a criminal and child abuse background to get your license.

2. Meet Educational Requirements

To successfully start a preschool franchise in North Carolina, the director of a preschool must meet educational requirements or some college credits in the education field. In North Carolina, there are several scenarios where you can meet the education requirements. Read the Minimum Standard for Child-Care Centers for North Carolina here.

3. Secure a Business License to Open a Preschool Franchise in North Carolina

Getting a license gives you the ability to own and operate your preschool business in your area. This is essential to obtain before beginning your journey to start a preschool in North Carolina.

4. Write a Business Plan

Write up a business plan for your future preschool business. Plan out how you are going to launch the business and include all startup costs and marketing. Include details about paying licensing fees, salaries, rent, or a mortgage until your preschool business starts turning a profit. Don't forget to include hours of operation and other policies such as holiday closings.

5. Choose your location

A great location is one of the keys to success when starting a preschool franchise in North Carolina. You'll want to choose your location based on the number of families and children that are in your area. Check North Carolina standards on how much space you will need based on the number of children you plan to have enrolled in your preschool.

6. Purchase Furniture and Supplies

Your preschool will need child-sized chairs and tables in addition to educational toys and games, nap mats, cribs, and books just to name a few. Office equipment will be extremely important to the operations of your preschool, so don't forget to purchase computers, printers office desk and chairs.

7. Hire the Right People

You will need to make good hiring decisions for your preschool. Depending on the size of your school and the number of classrooms, you may need to hire a preschool teacher to head each room in addition to aides to help with supervision.

8. Get insurance for Your Preschool

You will typically need liability insurance to cover any damages to the building in addition to any on-premise injuries that may occur. Working with an insurance agent is your best bet in getting the coverage you need.

9. Install Safety Equipment

The safety of everyone that will be in your preschool building is the most important factor not to be overlooked. Make sure you have fire extinguishers, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and medicine cabinets that can be locked.

10. Let Everyone Know That You Are Open for Business

When learning how to start a preschool franchise in North Carolina, marketing should be prioritized when opening a preschool in North Carolina. Be sure you've set aside a marketing budget that covers postcard mailers, flyers, website development, digital ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads, and local advertising. Most businesses fail because they run out of capital due to the lack of new customers.

This was a basic overview of things you will need to think about before starting a preschool franchise in North Carolina. However, keep in mind that there may be many more steps involved to successfully open your early childhood education business, depending on your goals and your particular area. At Creative World School Franchising, we walk you through every step of the way. You'll know exactly what to do with Creative World School by your side. Our world-class team offers support rarely seen in the early childhood education industry and will ensure your success in becoming a preschool franchise owner.

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Open a Creative World Preschool Franchise in North Carolina

Our schools are not just beautiful, they are built to optimize classroom flow throughout the day. Our youngest classes are along the back of the building and each room has direct access to their age-appropriate playground. Along the sides of the school, our preschool and pre-k children rotate between their room, their own playgrounds, and the amazing Exploratorium™ in the center of the school. As classes switch from one space to another, the children have new opportunities to socialize, explore and learn from new experiences each day.

The classrooms serve as the main hub of activity throughout the day. Everything inside each room is child-sized, right down to the chairs, tables, hand washing sinks, and bathroom fixtures! When it’s time for snacks and lunch teachers facilitate family-style meals in their classrooms with the children, giving plenty of opportunities to practice sharing, manners, and social skills.

Once you have had an opportunity to tour our school, we are confident that you will not only be amazed by our incredible Exploratorium™ but the way our systems and operations are integrated throughout the day. Through strategic enrollment, you will have the ability to maximize your revenue generated by each age group as you deliver quality early childhood instruction.

Why Start a Preschool Franchise in North Carolina with Creative World School?

Tiered Royalties

Revenues are royalty-free until you have 75 children enrolled- a feature that no other preschool franchise offers. After this point, we have a tiered system starting at 5% and capped at 7%. Our rates are sensible and allow your business to grow quickly.

Site First, Paperwork Later

There is no franchise fee until we find a site for your new preschool. No other preschool franchise offers this! We assist you in finding a site and are with you throughout the entire construction process, from your purchase to your grand opening.


Exclusive to Creative World School, our Exploratorium™ "wonder room" is the centerpiece of our buildings and the core to our educational philosophy. This bright and interactive space is where our Preschool and Pre-K students practice hands-on iSTEAM learning every day.

We Are Family

We’re a family-owned business and our Franchisees are family too! You won’t find a big corporation with hundreds of locations where no one knows your name. You will interact and collaborate with our Corporate Team, even our CEO.

You Will Never Be Alone

With nearly 50 years of child education experience behind us, you will have the support of our entire team to run a successful school. In addition, you will have a dedicated coach to guide you every step of the way.

A Perfect Record

Failure is not in our vocabulary! No Creative World School franchisee has ever failed and no franchisee has ever defaulted on a loan. Our entire team is focused on your success. We believe that we are successful only when our schools are successful.

Every Day will be an Exciting Adventure

Families and children love to interact with our Owners, so get ready to see smiling faces and hear the laughs and giggles. Every day, our world is full of new and exciting discoveries as children explore and investigate through our classroom inquiries. We believe in the importance of discovery moments and are passionate about the educational power of purposeful play.

If You Have No Experience It’s No Problem

Don’t worry! We don’t require prior experience in education or childcare. Our team will provide the tools and training you need to lead a high-quality early education school in your community. Your business coach will guide you to hire a balanced team of leaders and educators. Ongoing training resources are part of our turn-key package to set you up for success. All you need to bring is the passion to make a difference, and we will equip you with the tools you need!

A Proprietary Curriculum Backed by the Latest Research and National Accreditation

The basis for our educational approach is that children have an unlimited potential for learning, and are eager to explore and discover the world around them. We believe rich content is the foundation for learning. When we encourage children's curiosity, they become lifelong learners and are able to adapt to a wide variety of teaching styles.

Our proprietary curriculum, The 3 E’s: Foundations of Excellence™, is research-backed and focuses on the inquiry learning method. We believe it is an exceptional way to give children the best possible start in life. We start with what children know and their questions. Field studies and real-world experiences jump-start learning, which is extended as children playfully explore their chosen subject. With the support of their teacher, each day is full of powerful learning moments. Every day in our World is full of new and exciting discoveries!